How do I download the video and put it on my personal device? Our goal was to make this as easy as possible to take the workout with you on a personal device and have it on your computer.

1 – You can check out with a any credit card, ATM/debit card, and with your PayPal account.
Once you select the workouts which are right for you, then check out via the Shopping Cart. Once your payment is received, the first email is sent to you with a receipt. Shortly after a second email containing a secure link to download the file is emailed to you.  This link will expire 10 days after you purchase the workout.  Make sure to download the file, immediately.

2-Hook up your personal device (tablet, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Android, etc) to the computer where you are going to download the file.  (This link will expire 10 days after you purchase the workout.  Make sure to download the file, immediately.)

3-Double click on the link. You will download a .zip file and your computer will automatically unzip the file when you double click on it. The end result is a QuickTime file (640 by 480) ready to go and copy to your computer or personal device of choice. You can view the file on you computer, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Android, video compatible personal devices and tablets.

4-If your Ipad, Iphone, Android, or personal device is sync’d to Itunes, then copy the video into the Itunes movie or videos Folder.  You’re personal device will automatically update and copy the video.  If this doesn’t happen, then drag the file from your Itunes video or movie libary and put it on your Ipad, Ipod, Android, or personal device.  There will be an icon for your personal device in the Itunes window.

If you are manually managing your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, and Android, then simply copy the Living Functional video file into your videos or movies folder on the personal device.  The file will copy and be ready to access once completed.  This is the quickest way to access the video on all devices.

Enjoy Living Functional.

As you move through your day, consider the positions your body and tissue must adapt to:  sitting,  reading,  standing, walking,  etc.  Since most people do not have time to pay attention to every single way the body moves , we have developed a collection of exercises to correct the body through movement .

In your daily routine, there are certainly moments you feel body aches, soreness, and tightness.  We have found that certain repetitive body positions through your lifetime accelerate the degradation of tissues in the body.  Doing corrective exercise regularly throughout a week will change how your tissue responds and adapts to these destructive patterns in your body.

The Living Functional Series has been designed from over 20 years of corrective exercise-based personal training by fitness pioneer, Sam Iannetta.  His unique approach has led to the development of these exercise progressions.  Every exercise is designed to address the poor structural adaptations caused by the repetitive positions and movements from our daily lives.

Our understanding and experience has led us to believe if there is a destructive pattern of movement, there must be a pattern of movement that counteracts the damage.  The intention of every workout in the Living Functional Series is for you to correctly learn exercises proven to fix poor dysfunctional movement patterns caused from our unique lifestyles.  Each work out series is inspired from our clients who have healed themselves through these exercises.  If you practice these short and simple exercises 3-6 times a week, you will notice the positive affects of exercise designed for your life as it is.

We are not cheerleaders, mascots, models, actors, or false hope.  We’ve made each workout to feel like a personal training session and with the use of your Ipad, Ipod, and personal device you will learn about your body and how movement can lead to a more balanced and durable way of being.  Trust that every exercise has been used and continues to be used by Functional Fitness USA Trainers every day.  Again, we are not paid actors or celebrity hosts.

The Living Functional Series comes from our service and intention to help others heal themselves with corrective movement and awareness of the body’s true potential.