A lot of us work in offices and feel the effects of working 8 hours or more sitting, hunching, and compressing our spines. This work out is designed for the office/desk worker. This progression of exercises creates a workout that addresses the postural degradation related to long hours sitting in front of a desk and the symptoms of discomfort that happen over and over; symptoms include tension headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, low back pain, numbness in hands, tingling sensations, and mental fatigue. All symptoms can be related to the posture of sitting for long hours. This program will correct your body's posture from a long day of office work.
This video is designed to be simple to complete but have a powerful postural and structural corrective element. All exercises can be completed in 8-10 minutes during a break, lunch, or at the end of the day. The movements correct and relax your structure from working at a desk for more than 2 hours per day. You will need a rubber exercise cord, a door frame, and a chair to complete these exercises.
The Office Worker 1
Price: $9.99
This workout is designed to be performed in an office, at home, or in gym. After performing these exercises for a short while you will feel stronger, better aligned and more free of the aches, pains and tensions associated with office work. You will need a light and medium strength rubber exercise cord with a door anchor, and a chair to complete these exercises.
The Office Worker 2
These exercises are the next step in correcting the postural and structural issues of the office worker, while giving you full body functional exercises for a solid workout routine. You can perform these exercises in your office, home, or at the gym. You will need light, medium, and high tension rubber exercise cords with a door anchor, and a small squishy exercise ball to complete these exercises.

The Office Worker 3


traveler This is a beginner’s level workout for travelers and is designed to do on the road, in the hotel, or airport. These corrective exercises addresses the joints most affected by sitting for long periods of time, lack of movement, lack of blood flow, and stress. Follow along and notice how you feel after doing all of them in order. You will need a rubber exercise cord with a door anchor and a chair to complete these exercises.

The Traveler 1

Price: $9.99

traveler These Intermediate level corrective exercises get harder and more bio-mechanically challenging. Your heart will get pumping a bit more and your blood will start to move around. Pay attention to the cues, work at feeling them with the video, and your body will wake up feeling invigorated, charged, and primed to go. The idea is get the blood moving enough to charge the body, not drain the body of valuable energy. You will need a light and medium tension rubber exercise cord with a door anchor to complete these exercises.

The Traveler 2

Price: $11.99

This series focuses on rebuilding a new mom after their pregnancy. Each Level is meant to do for 3 months and then progress to the next stage. This routine comes direct from our new mother clients who have proven it's success.
baby We toned it down so it can be performed while your baby takes a baby nap.. This video will sooth you, relax you, and correct you all at the same time. The corrective exercises focus on regaining the pelvic floor, the abs, and reteaching body integration with movement. We know it works because the person who wrote it has 4 children of their own. You will need a rubber exercise cord with a door stopper, a small squishy exercise ball, and a chair to complete these exercises.

The New Mom 1

Price: $9.99

baby As your child grows, you will need to know some corrective exercises to help you deal with the challenges of raising child. This video focuses on integrating the body again and starting to build strength in the weak areas created due to recovering from the pregnancy. The goal is to bring your gait back into alignment, increase pelvic stability, tighten/strengthen your abs, low back and upper body. You will need a rubber exercise cord with a door anchor, a small squishy exercise ball, a fitness/yoga ball, and a chair to complete these exercises.

The New Mom 2

Price: $11.99

The New Mom 3 - COMING SOON
This is designed to strengthen a new mom’s ability to care for, carry, and hold a child with strength coordination as well as balance. Many mothers we saw in our practice as trainers explained injuries they sustained while caring for their children. Using them as inspiration, these movements are designed to incorporate full body functional exercises specifically for the challenges of raising a child.
Price: $13.99
This series of routines is focused on people who go to a gym more 3 days per week. The routine focuses on integrating body movement of a person who does spin classes, jogging, elliptical, treadmill, and free weights.
gym rat
The Gym Rat 1 - COMING SOON
This video is designed to correct the poor movement patterns that can create pain and suffering while working out regularly. These corrective exercises will guide you in performing cleaner movement of full body exercises and add some variety into your routine. This workout is built to change the way you look at your gym.
Price: $9.99
gym rat In the Gym Rat 2 workout, we put a corrective exercise twist into the three basic movements for exercise: the push, the pull, and the squat. These corrective exercises will evolve your routine into full body integrated movements that all fit into a high-paced, ever-growing routine for the gym rat.

The Gym Rat 2

Price: $11.99

gym rat
The Gym Rat 3 - COMING SOON
Harder and smarter moves to keep you paying attention to your joints and structure while maintaining peak condition throughout your lifetime. These movement take it up a notch, incorporating real time stability and strength to improve coordination and muscular balance.
Price: $13.99
senior As the human body ages, a very specific pattern of movement from a lifetime of walking, sitting, and exercising has formed in the body over 70 years of living.  The Aging Body Series focuses on the 11 problems facing senior citizens everyday and the movement solutions to graceful aging.

Aging Body

Price: $11.99

This series of movements focuses on athletes from 13-18.  This age group is in constant growth and development.  These exercises are focused on integrating body movement, knee and hip alignment, back posture, walking and running enhancements.

The Youth Athlete 1 - COMING SOON
The biggest challenge of this video was to teach athletes, coaches, and parents how the body moves and then immediately put the movements into practice for each athlete. This video is a must see for the youth athlete, coaches, and parents to help maximize playing time by eliminating injury time while building high quality functional strength.
Price: $10.99
football The Youth Athlete 2 - COMING SOON This video is designed to improve posture and correct structural imbalances, while increasing sports performance. The youth athlete's increased joint alignment and creation of power will make his or her joints last longer, as well as provide integrated the full body functional power. This video will teach you better alignment while focusing on strength exercise that promote athletic prowess. Price: $11.99
weight The Youth Athlete 3 - COMING SOON This workout physically challenges the athlete to maintain quality structure and alignment under load (weight), making the body stronger and smarter. These corrective movements, like most sports, are full body functional movements, combining multiple planes of movement with quality functional strength. Price: $12.99