The Traveler Series

Traveler 1:

This is a beginner’s level workout for travelers and is designed to do on the road, in the hotel, or airport. These corrective exercises addresses the joints most affected by sitting for long periods of time, lack of movement, lack of blood flow, and stress. Follow along and notice how you feel after doing all of them in order. You will need a rubber exercise cord with a door anchor and a chair to complete these exercises.

Traveler 2:

These Intermediate level corrective exercises get harder and more biomechanically challenging. Your heart will get pumping a bit more and your blood will start to move around. Pay attention to the cues, work at feeling them with the video, and your body will wake up feeling invigorated, charged, and primed to go. The idea is get the blood moving enough to charge the body, not drain the body of valuable energy. You will need a light and medium tension rubber exercise cord with a door anchor to complete these exercises.