The Gym Rat

This series of routines is focused on people who go to a gym more 3 days per week. The routine focuses on integrating body movement of a person who does spin classes, jogging, elliptical, treadmill, and free weights.

The Gym Rat 1 - COMING SOON

This video is designed to correct the poor movement patterns that can create pain and suffering while working out regularly. These corrective exercises will guide you in performing cleaner movement of full body exercises and add some variety into your routine. This workout is built to change the way you look at your gym.

The Gym Rat 2:

In the Gym Rat 2 workout, we put a corrective exercise twist into the three basic movements for exercise: the push, the pull, and the squat. These corrective exercises will evolve your routine into full body integrated movements that all fit into a high-paced, ever-growing routine for the gym rat.

The Gym Rat 3 - COMING SOON

Harder and smarter moves to keep you paying attention to your joints and structure while maintaining peak condition throughout your lifetime. These movement take it up a notch, incorporating real time stability and strength to improve coordination and muscular balance