This series of movements focuses on athletes from 13-18.  This age group is in constant growth and development.  These exercises are focused on integrating body movement, knee and hip alignment, back posture, walking and running enhancements.

The Youth Athlete 1 - COMING SOON

The biggest challenge of this video was to teach athletes, coaches, and parents how the body moves and then immediately put the movements into practice for each athlete. This video is a must see for the youth athlete, coaches, and parents to help maximize playing time by eliminating injury time while building high quality functional strength.

The Youth Athlete 2 - COMING SOON

This video is designed to improve posture and correct structural imbalances, while increasing sports performance. The youth athlete's increased joint alignment and creation of power will make his or her joints last longer, as well as provide integrated the full body functional power. This video will teach you better alignment while focusing on strength exercise that promote athletic prowess.

The Youth Athlete 3 - COMING SOON

This workout physically challenges the athlete to maintain quality structure and alignment under load (weight), making the body stronger and smarter. These corrective movements, like most sports, are full body functional movements, combining multiple planes of movement with quality functional strength.